Jewelry Design Contest

The International Gemological Institute is calling upon the world’s creatives to step forward and contribute. The 2020 IGI JEWEL Jewelry Design Contest invites jewelers, artists, teachers, students and fans alike to submit design concepts in four categories by August 20. Participation is free of charge and open to anyone, whether professional or not.
Requirements :
    Materials from endangered species such as coral, ivory and tortoiseshell shall not be used.
    The category entered should reflect the focus of the design. For example: Submissions to the “Diamond” category should feature diamond as the work’s central focus.
    Submission requirements: Entrants may submit only one design in each category. 
The same entry cannot be selected for two awards at the same time.
    Design budget: While there is no need to produce a finished product at the submission stage, the cost of the design must be 3,000 US dollars or less.
    The artwork should be submitted as one entry (The set of designs is allowed to be submitted in the entry, with one page for each piece of jewelry).
    Stackable pieces, such as stackable rings or bracelets, may be submitted as the set of drawings under an entry.
    The entries have no restrictions on style, design or choice of jewelry item.
    The shortlisted entries should submit the sketch design (please indicate the size, material and craft) and mark the name of the work.
    It is not allowed to mark the names of competitors, selection agencies and other relevant information on the renderings Notes for submission of works.
    The work should include all the design drafts and the set should be uploaded in the form of a zip file, in which the single page should not exceed 5MB and the file size should not exceed 15MB.
Who can enter ?
    The contest is open to designers, jewelers, craftsmen, teachers, students and enthusiasts, whether professional or not.
 Category :
Colored Stones
Creative Materials
Timeline :
    Submissions will be accepted through August 20.
    Finalists will be announced September 1.
    Fabrication, and judging will conclude on November 1.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the competition is completely free

    Drawing size: A4 (210 x 285 mm)
    Full color
    The top and bottom of the work need to be identified
    Image accuracy: 150 – 300 DPI
    Draft format: PNG or JPG
Prizes :
1 Contest Champion : $1,140. cash
Scholarships to coursework
at one of IGI’s International
Schools of Gemology
2 Silver Medalists : $570 cash
Scholarships to coursework
at one of IGI’s International
Schools of Gemology
4 Outstanding Design awards : $285 cash
Scholarships to coursework
at one of IGI’s International
Schools of Gemology

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