Motion Graphics Competition

To raise awareness of the various themes of peace around the world and expand the culture of peace, the Sunhak Peace Prize Foundation is holding a motion graphics video competition. 
Topic :
The world today is facing complex and interconnected challenges that block the path toward peace. When each one of us chooses dialogue and cooperation over conflict and competition, we can all move closer to a peaceful world.
Requirements  :
_ There is no restriction on the length of the motion graphics video. 
_ Your work must be original.
_  You are welcome to use background sound, music and voiceover.
_  All audio sources must be original or you must have the right to use them in your work. 
All work must be in English.
Timeline :
 Submission period runs from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “ Peace ” Award contest is free

categories :
Peace themes list :
    Africa’s development
    Climate change
    Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
    Food security
    Religious harmony
    Medical care
    Refugee education
Awards  : 
Grand Prize: USD 5,000 cash prize for 1 entry
Semi-finalist: USD 1,000 cash prize for 3 entries
Runner-up: USD 300 cash prize for 20 entries
Honorable mention: USD 25 gift card prize for 30 entries Submitting
Who may enter ?
This competition is open to everyone around the world.
You may enter as an individual or team. Only one entry per individual, either as individual or as part of team, is allowed. When entering as a team, a team leader must be designated and will be the point of contact for communications. Entrants must agree to the Terms and Conditions  
How to apply
Submit the following by email to
1. Your original motion graphics video file in a format uploadable on YouTube
2.Signed Terms and Conditions form either as Word or PDF file  – If submitting as team, each member of the team must sign the Terms and Conditions for the work to be accepted.
3. Submission form filled out completely either as Word or PDF file  

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