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MYSTERIES of TRANSITIONInternational Open Call for expression of interest for the Artistic Programmeof 2023 ELEVSIS, European Capital of Culture (ECoC)Α.
In 2023 the city of Elevsis will host the title of the European Capital of Culture (ECoC), presenting a multifaceted programme entitled ‘MYSTERIES of TRANSITION’. For the final configuration of its artistic programme, the Municipal Single Societe Anonyme of the Cultural Capital of Elevsis, 2023 ELEVSIS addresses an international open call to individual artists, groups and organisations from Greece and abroad, for the submission of proposals for new projects/actions that will take place during 2022 and 2023.
There is no entry fee to participate!
Elevsis is the fourth European Capital of Culture hosted in Greece. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of the city, 2023 ELEVSIS forms a comprehensive artistic, research and educational program, the MYSTERIES of TRANSITION, moving in four strategic areas: 
Culture, People, City and Environment.
 Accordingly there are three distinct and interconnected central themes of the programme, People / Society, Environment and Labour, reflecting the unique features of the city and the contemporary challenges both Elevsis and Europe are facing.
The proposed projects / actions, may relate to one or more thematic axes, one or more areas of art and creation. Indicatively, the following categories are mentioned, but without them being a strictly restrictive field:
Music, Dance, Literature, Writing, Theatre, Performance Art, Visual Arts, Installation Art, Digital Arts, Cinema/Film/Documentary, Photography, Games, Comic Art, Design, Digital Fabrication, Cultural Policy, Networking Events (Meetings, Conferences), Capacity Building Programmes, Educational Programmes, Community Engagement Projects, Artistic and Research programmes for the public space and the environment, Interdisciplinary projects, etc.
Basic Evaluation Criteria : 
1. Relevance to the central idea and the main objectives of the programme of 2023 ELEVSIS 
2. European dimension (Collaborations within the project, artist exchanges and partnerships)
3. Original cultural and artistic content
4. Capacity to deliver-Project management plan
5. Promotion (Project Dissemination -Diffusionability)
6. Legacy / Contribution to the long-term strategy of 2023 ELEVSIS
7. Involvement / participation of the audience and / or the local community
8. Project impact and sustainabilityIn addition to the above 
Projects can apply to one of three scales:
Small: for budgets between €1000 and €20,000 + VAT.
Medium: between €20,001 and € 60,000 + VAT.
Large: between €60,001 and € 200,000 + VAT.
Deadline : 31 March 2021
Who may enter ?
Participation in the Open Call is open to all natural or legal persons, who are established either in Greece or abroad or their associations / groups.
For further information visit the official website

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