Photography Contest 2020

Welcome to a new edition of the Clay Speleologist awards for speleological photography. The competition is organised by Grupo Espeleológico Ribereño.
Topic :
The theme of the competition is Speleology and its environment.
 Requirements :
_ You may submit a maximum of of 5 photographs.
_ The photos will be presented in JPEG or TIFF format, converted to sRGB color space with the profile embedded. 
_ The minimum resolution must be 300 pixels per inch (dpi) and the lowest side must be 2000 pixels.

 here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the competition is completely free

• 1st prize: €800
• 2nd prize: €400
• 3rd Prize: €300
Deadline : 6 September 2020
Who may enter ?
The competition is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Members of the organising association, collaborators and sponsors cannot participate  

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