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The company Maier S. Coop. announces the 8th Maier S. Coop International Design Competition, focusing on Automotive Vehicle Design, from both the standpoint of Style and Colour & Trim.

The competition is themed: Visions 2025+. Participants are invited to show their vision of how light will change the way we see cars beyond 2025.

The aim of the contest is to show the integration of light on Colour & Trim design (new aesthetics, finish, materials) and Design/ Styling (new concepts, products) linked to new functionalities and see how they will affect the following specific environments of the vehicle:

• Exterior front module (front grille, trims, etc.)
• Exterior upper side (B/C pillars, etc.)
Take into account subjects as Materials, Colour, Interaction with the Environment, Use, Semantics… etc.

Today we are attending to some crucial changes around the car pushed by environmental issues, social trends and new uses.

In the next ten years electric drive trains will make possible a more dramatic change on the proportions of the entire vehicle than the combined changes from the past 30 years.

Besides, every single area will be rethought with new functionalities linked to advances in aerodynamics, electronics, charging or lighting.

In a scenario where cars will be designed to look nice and to be more functional, light will have a key role, expanding to areas that until now were just conceived by style criteria.

How light will influence both Style and Colour & Trim of the 2025+ car?

Projects must be comprised of the following four deliverables:

• Moodboard (Inspiration Panel)

The Moodboard or Inspiration Panel is the deliverable that graphically represents a study of the conceptual line of Colour & Trim, indicating the direction of vehicle exterior aesthetic finishes.
This deliverable must contain at least 1 image size DIN A3, in a high quality pdf or jpg format with a resolution of 300px.

• Material sample book
The Material Sample Book is the deliverable that indicates how to produce the Colour & Trim lines contained in the Inspiration Panel using real physical materials.

The material sample book presentation format must include at least 1 horizontal rigid panel sized DIN A3 with the materials proposed by the competitor attached or stuck to it.

Concerning the application of light, please focus on the cover material that lets light through it. Electronic or lighting devices are not required from participants. Maier will supply the jury with a light table to show the effect through the material indicated by the participant.

• Vehicle application
This deliverable represents the Colour & Trim design applied to the design of the 2025+ vehicle.

The designs of the following environments will be evaluated:
– Body Exterior Front Module (front grille, trims, etc.)
– Body Exterior Upper Side (DLO, pillars, mouldings, etc).
This deliverable must contain at least 1 image, size DIN A3, in a high quality pdf or jpg format with a resolution of 300px.

Please, pay attention to detail!

The Abstract is the deliverable that covers the story on which the project is based, as well as the number of explanations necessary to facilitate its understanding.

Mention of possible production technologies used to obtain the proposed Colour and Trim finishes shall be valued (only for professional participants).

The Abstract must be written in English.

There is no limitation on the number of projects that a participant or group may present.

The jury’s evaluation criteria is based on:

• Innovation of design proposals.
• Quality of deliverables.
• Applicability to automotive sector.

The awards ceremony is scheduled for 28th June 2019 in Bilbao – Bizkaia, Spain.


Who can enter?

Any natural person or legal entity may present their candidacy, as an individual or as a group. The Competition is open to both students and professionals.


There is no entry fee to participate!

It’s free to enter!

Four prizes have been established:

• Prize for professional designers: Award, €8,000 and Material Connexion Bilbao licence.
• Prize for students: Award, €4,000 and Material Connexion Bilbao licence.
• Prize for the best material sample book: Award, €2,000 and Material Connexion Bilbao licence.
• Prize for the best University: Award, €1,500 and Material Connexion Bilbao licence.

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