Jewellery Design Awards

The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2020 celebrate the highest levels of art, creativity and innovation by honoring the best talent in jewellery design and elevating designers to their rightful status of artists.
 Theme :
There’s grandeur in their attitude, timelessness in their appeal and immense inspiration stemming from their style philosophies. Architecture and jewellery have often collided on their respective courses, owing probably to the fact that they share such similar tenets of function and design. Both follow key principles of durability, utility and beauty.
Categori :
Submit your sketch choosing from any one of the categories listed below:
There is no entry fee to participate!
 The competition is free to enter
Deadline : October 31st, 2019
    Only wearable ornaments. No accessories
    Only one fabricated piece of jewellery will be allowed for participants who wish to partner with the empanelled list of manufacturers
    Ornaments manufactured with natural products will be given extra credits when judging over ornaments manufactured with artificial products
    Any sketches/pieces found to be submitted for any other jewellery design competition will be disqualified immediately
    No religious symbols are allowed
    No company can participate alone
    Designer’s name has to be mentioned first followed by the company
    An individual can submit one sketch each in a maximum of two categories.
    Two individuals can participate per company ( i.e. 2 individuals, 2 entries)
    Companies cannot participate alone, they need to partner with an individual. Both individual & the company will get credit
    The sketch should be made on an A4 size sheet and mounted on thick card paper. Please do not frame or laminate the sketch
    The sketch would have only the CATEGORY on top front, other information i.e. description of the jewellery in less than 100 words, details of precious
    metals, diamonds, gemstones, name, contact details (participation form), etc. would be on the reverse side
    Scanned or emailed sketches will not be accepted
    The decision of GJEPC remains final and binding to all the participant
Who may enter ?

The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2020 invites all talented designers to inspire the world by creating extraordinary pieces of jewellery.

Award : 
The winners, along with the 1st and 2nd runner-ups across the three categories will all qualify for:
    Significant cash prizes
    Invaluable publicity through mentions in newspapers and fashion luxury magazines
    Instant exposure to the big players in the gem and jewellery industry
    An opportunity to take centre-stage at a glittering evening to celebrate the culmination of Artisan Awards 2020
    A stylised photo shoot of all winning designs across the three categories
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