The Tower of Babel is a continuing story of conflict and conflict in the world, a story of the desire to understand and understand differences in the human race and the inability of human beings to do so. Repeated repetition of hope and despair.
Humans speak different languages ​​and are “deeply incapable of understanding each other. It is very likely that even if they had a common language, the situation would be more unfavorable and controversial.”

The myth of the Tower of Babel is itself entangled in complex, intertwined with the history of linguistics and the realities of science and mathematics.

The Tower of Babelullah Yar Najafi is a picture of the disgust and confusion in the cities of our land today and in all the cities of the world. He is an Iranian artist with the idea of ​​art and challenges much. Confronted with the everyday realities of life, the global artist portrays the end-time beautiful in its humor and confusion. This tower of Babel does not withstand God, or the Seven Walls of Conduct or such interpretations.

Its roots are in the rough and tumble-free urbanization of thought and thought. The result is a reality that emerges when wisdom is pushed to the corner and poverty, greed, and confusion arise.

This collection is about recovering ideals by staring and searching for the bitter realities of the day. Even in the use of material – pieces of ordinary artist’s photographs or found images and the use of glue to “match” – the process itself is deformed and redefined.

An artist of utopianism and fantasy, he is there to remind us of what is happening in our lives. And show how, in the absence of rationalism, greed, which is part of the driving force of the modern world, destroys human habitats. Especially in our land where most urban spaces are similar to retail.

Allah Yar Najafi is a poet who is confused and confused about urbanization and strives to get closer to the meaning in a land that is misunderstood and part of public morality. He creates a world that is scary in its depth and depth but at the same time beautifully portrayed.

It is through the depths of helplessness that other things become possible and new aspirations are formed. An expectation is a situation in itself; for hope, for change, and for a better future that is still achievable.

No. 6, Lolagar Alley, Noufel Lushato Street, Tehran, Iran

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