Purchasing conditions for specialized artistic websites


If you are a painter, photographer, graphist, desiner or an artist from any art branches, you are aware that you need to be seen. Acquisition of fame and presenting artworks are the main needs for an artist to be successful. It’s a given fact that having an efficient website with low maintenance would help you more in your field of art.

Cheetart intends to get more cooperation of artists to be active in presenting their arts by means of internet and artistic websites with the best possible price in the shortest time.

These sites are specialized for artists and the main goal is the ability to show artist’s artworks and photographs.

We designed our sites with Asp.net language to reach the highest speed for uploading the site pages. Furthermore, they have high security functions and are unhackable because of it’s design language.

You are able to own your website 12 houres after buying domain (the address you choose for your site).

The template of these websites have been designed before, so you only need to deposit the cost and after registration of domain, we give you your username and password for entering the pannel for website management.

There is no need to be connected personally to the website designer and you won’t have any delays for designing and solving technical problems, so you can choose one of the templates bellow and buy them upon your needs and taste.

The price of each one of these websites are 450 euros; and if you want us to provide a domain for you too, the price would be 12 euros. You can see a few samples of these websites here below:

sample 1

sample 2

sample 3

sample 4

sample 5

sample 6

sample 7

sample 8

sample 9

We give you the host (the space that the information of your site would be registered in) free of charge for the first year. That’s our way of appreciating your purchase from Cheetart.

After the first year, your rental fee for the host would be 20 euros, keeping in mind that the technical aid for the first year would be free of charge too.

Upon your purchase of website and after we recived the receipt of payment you will be contacted and we will get your information to follow through with your order.

This service is provided by the cheetart Group