photo contest 2020

FOTODOC Center for Documentary Photography at Sakharov center is pleased to announce our sixth annual international Direct Look photo contest.
The topic for the contest : 
problems pertaining to relations between people and society and state, as well as ways of addressing these problems.
categories : 
The contest is held in three distinct categories:
_ The Problem – Issues, friction, disagreements or discord that arise within society between individuals, communities, civic institutions, and states.
_The Conflict – The most heated methods of solving issues: disagreements or discord within society between individuals, civic institutions and the state. It manifests itself in parties acting against each other and is often accompanied by negative emotions that extend beyond existing norms and rules.
_ The Compromise – Conflict resolution through dialogue, social change or reform.
All entries must depict history or be part of a long-time project.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “ FOTODOC ” Award contest is free

Deadline :  June, 1, 2020
Goal  : 
    Facilitate growth and promotion of independent journalism,
    Support authors who research issues of relationship between people and society and state,
    Support photo projects based on respect and advocacy of human dignity, underlying principles of the Constitution of Russia and UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights.
Requirements :
– File type: .jpg image with compression at level 8 (at minimum);
– Width: exactly 1200 pixels on the long side of the image;
– File size: no larger than 400 Kb;
– Resolution: 72 dpi;
– Mode: black-and-white images – Grayscale or RGB, color images – RGB
Prizes : 
Thee winners who will take the first place in each nomination will get 30.000 rubles.
 Nine finalists in three distinct categories will obtain honorable prizes of Direct Look photo contest.
 Winners series will be shown at the exibition in Moscow in October 2020. Projects included in the short-list will be printed in the photo contest catalogue.
Who may enter ?
The contest is open to all photographers, professional and amateur, regardless of age, sex or nationality.


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