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Doha Youth Innovation Photo Award by the Islamic Cooperation Youth Assembly, an international organization affiliated with the Islamic Cooperation Organization, invites the youth of Islamic countries to participate in the Doha Youth Innovation Award, as a result of the Doha Youth Capital Summit, January 17, 2020 Distributed. The purpose of this award is to contribute to the development of youth experiences that can contribute to the development of the community and to develop these experiences in order to evaluate the skills and creativity in the various artistic and creative fields for youth representatives.
Award :
Doha Youth Innovation Photography AwardPrizes for each Theme:
    First place       : 50.000 riyals
    Second place  : 40.000 riyals
    Third place      : 30.000 riyals
    Fourth place   : 20.000 riyals
    Fifth place       : 10.000 riyals
    Sixth place      : 10.000 riyals
    Seventh place: 10.000 riyals
    The first theme: Islamic values
    The second theme: Youth and success stories
    The third Theme: Our Islamic Heritage (a picture file)
The winners’ names in each field would be announced during the closing ceremony of Doha, Capital of Islamic Youth events on January 17, 2020.
There is no entry fee to participate!
The competition is free to enter
ِDeadline: 31st October 2019
    Who can enter ?
 Participants must be from 18 to 30 years old for both genders.
    Participation is allowed to young people of OIC Member States or youth representatives of non-OIC Member States.
–    The participant has the right to submit between five and ten pictures, in the form of a story told in photographs –a series of interconnected photographs for the third theme only.
–   The participant has the right to submit up to 3 photographs in each of the other themes.
–   The photograph must be consistent with the contest theme and interests.
–   One photograph can only be shared in one theme and cannot be re-shared in another theme or within the collection of photographs designated to the third theme.
–   Submitted photographs must be taken during the five years preceding the closing date of the contest.
–   Digital adjustments to improve (color saturation, cropping, and lighting) are allowed. However, no external elements should be added to the photograph.
–   Photographs must not have won in other competitions before.
–   Submitted photographs must be in JPEG format with high quality 300 DPI, and no less than 2400 pixels for the photographs’ largest angle.
–   The size of the image must not exceed 10 MB.
–   The sent work file shall bear the person’s first and last name (in English).
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