Contest Photography 2021

The PA2F Environmental Photography Award is being launched in 2021 in honour of the Foundation’s 15th anniversary, with a 10,000 € prize fund and a prestigious international jury.
Objectives : 
“ The award will run annually, with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues, and rewarding photographers who put their creativity and skill to good use in documenting the current state of our world.
Categories :
There are three  categories:
“Humanity and Wildlife: Crossed Destinies, Shared Territories”
• Incredible Wildlife
Showcasing the beauty and variety of the species that inhabit our planet, in their natural habitats.
• Wildlife in Crisis
Highlighting the negative impact that human activities are having on wildlife, and the irrationality of our relationship towards it.
• Reasons for Hope
Exploring the solutions humans have found to develop more harmonious relationships with wildlife, through conservation efforts and actions in favour of a more sustainable future.
Requirements : 
. Photographers can enter up to 5 images in each of the 3 categories, allowing therefore for a maximum of 15 images in total. 
. Submitted images must have been shot within the past 5 years. The shoot date must be no further back than 22nd February 2016.
Timeline :
Deadline : 28 March 2021
The shortlist will be announced on 15th April 2021
Who may enter ?
The award is open to photographers of all nationalities over the age of 18.

There is no entry fee to participate!

The competition is free to enter

Prizes :
• Grand Prize Winner: 6,000 €
• Category Winners: 1,000 € for each of the 3 category winners
• Public Vote Winners: 500 € for the public vote winner in each category
For further information visit the official website

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