Poster Contest 2020

With the aim of promoting educational campaigns in favour of bioDIVERSITY using design, art and other cultural manifestations, the association Escucha mi Voz has now opened its Poster Contest 2020.
The ability to recognize differences is the first step towards respecting nature. Without this capacity, the impulse to impose a single way of thinking and acting becomes the devastation of all ecosystems in order to obtain homogenization that benefits only a few, and threatens the survival of species, including human life. The over exploitation of natural resources without taking care of the balance will leave us desolate.
Requirements :
_  2953 x 4134 pixels at 150 dpi in RGB (50 x 70 cm at 150 dpi in RGB). VERTICAL FORMAT.
_  in JPG Format not longer than 10MB per poster. 
_ The posters that are sent without meeting this requirement will be disqualified and lose the opportunity to spend the jury process.
_ Each participant will be able to submit up to 10 posters.
 _ Posters must be original but not necessarily unpublished.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “  Escucha Mi Voz ” Award contest is free

Who may enter ?
Open worldwide to all designers, graphic and visual artists. No age limit.
 Deadline :  July 25, 2020
The best 50 posters will be selected by an international jury and will be part of traveling exhibitions in Mexico (and probably in Latin American and North American countries as well). Moreover, with the Blue Cause Award your poster could be selected and become a ceramic piece.
 If you are a selected designer your certificate will be send you electronically.


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