Said Akbarnezhad




Artist: Said Akbarnezhad

 Item title  : Plastic Paradise

Category: Painting

Movement: Experssioninsm/ neo experssionism

Size: 140 x 140 cm

Material: oil on canvas

Producing date: 2020

Item price: 1300 USD

Item description: The focus of the plastic paradise series  is related between body and technology ,  body as  an cultural events under the technology influence.  life cycle is gonna be built  plastic recycled in our body’s.our life is facing a big crisis. this painting is  in connection with future  that not happen yet. “Plastic paradise” shown under the topic of ‘The Body Politic ’and the main questions is it, what we collectively hold dear through his deep rich painting that depicts people sleeping in plastic refuse bags. The freedom to use plastics is seen as a technology that is both liberating and toxic in equal measure. In fact, the freedom of today’s human beings has been taken away by technology.



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