Elena Fernandes


Artist: Elena Fernandes

 Item title  : Herradura (horseshoe)

Category: Collage

Movement: Contemporary

Size: 90 x 80 cm

Material: Mixed media

Producing date: 2020

Item price: 830 USD

Item description: I am a painter passionate about the combination of shapes, textures and colors. My style is abstract and I create compositions with materials from scrap that I assemble and mix with paint. I manifest in my work as an artist a fascination for collecting, reconstructing and transforming waste of a different nature and create art with them. Go out on the street and exploring is my first creative encounter. What will I find? How I’ll find ?. The beginning of my work is determined by the state of damage or deformation of the debris I find. Make a meeting between them, that they amalgamate, that they find each other and merge to create a real or fictional meaning is the foundation of my work. From there, my imagination starts to fly.I collect and reuse materials that society and I as an individual entity we throw as waste to the planet. The result of this practice are pieces that harmoniously and neatly integrate elements with the most diverse origins combined with color and always inspired.

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