About artist


 Nationality :  Iran _ Tehran

Date of birth: 19/4/1971



I learned sketching for a short time under master Ali Faramarzy’s supervision and then I started learning oil painting technique with mrs. Simin pirouzian during 1999 to 2001. I started learning figurative sketching thereafter in 2003 with master Taraneh Sadeghian. Then I stoped painting for a few years for personal reasons. After a few years I decided to continue painting but this time I got interested in watercolour technique. In the second half of 2012 I participated in master Ahmad Moghaddasi’s art classes and this was a turning point in my work and also my life and changed my attitude towards art and made me more serious to persue an art career as a proffession. I have also been perfecting my acrylics technique and since I had some experiences with oil painting, again I participated in master Bita Mohabbati’s classes. I also participated in several classes for “foundation of visual arts, form and colour” in mr. Moghaddasi’s classes; and “the history of art” in Dr. Arman Yaghoubpour’s classes. Meanwhile I started curating group exhibitions in 2017 and continued to do so till now.


Art activities

Participating in more than 20 group exhibitions in well_known galleries and one solo exhibition in “Atashzad Art Gallery”.
Participating at an art auction for a charity called ” Chains of hope” with corporation of “Middle East Art Gallery” at “Sheraton Hotel (Homa)” in Tehran & having my painting printed in a book with the same name: “Middle East Art Gallery”.
Print of some of my chosen paintings in the “Eight Land” book in the years 2015, 2017,2019 and have been selected for 2021, and the “Persian Garden” book 2017.
Membership in “Shargh Watercolor Painters Group”.
Participation in the largest group exhibition of Iranian painters in Armenia at “Artists Union of Armenia’s Art Gallery” twice; and being chosen as a selected artist of the exhibition and awarded in the second exhibition.
Participated in “Shiraz International Symposium” and being chosen as a selected artist and awarded and having my painting printed in a book with a same name: “Shiraz International Symposium”.
Curating three group exhibitions.
Currently teaching watercolor, acrylics and oil painting techniques.
 : About my work
This collection of paintings called the “Persian Garden” is mainly created by mixedmedia and the technique is derived by a unique texture that is a revolution in watercolor, thereby it allows using watercolor as a medium to have
longlasting results on canvas which hasn’t been done before.


        instagram.com/negarmotahari.art         negar.motahari@yahoo.com    



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