About artist


 Nationality :  Iran _ Mashhad

Date of birth: 1982/26/08



Name and surname: Samaneh Dolati _education : Bachelor of Computer Engineering, Khayyam University of Mashhad. She has a certificate and passed drawing and painting courses at the Mashhad University Jihad Institute under the supervision of professors such as the late Professor Hossein Termehchi. _Activity : _ Instructor of technical and professional organization in the field of computer and graphics . – Membership in the Institute for the Development of Contemporary Visual Arts. Member of Art Credit Fund – More than 10 years of activity in the field of painting and graphics and teaching.

Art activities

exhibitions : Accepting the artwork and participating in the Pars Forte International Online Exhibition in Italy in 2020. Receiving an art certificate and accepting the artwork in two international online exhibitions of Biafrin Canada and Art Boost Denmark in 2020. Receive an art certificate from the Tehran Guidance Organization to participate in the National Exhibition of Visual Arts Canvas of Memories of the Year 2019. _Participating the artwork and receiving an art certificate to participate in the group exhibition of visual arts of contemporary art of Saba Cultural, Artistic, Research Institute in 2019. Participation in the cartoon section of the International Festival of Visual Arts of the member countries of the ECO Organization for Nowruz rituals in 2013. – Encouragement and acknowledgment of the trainers for presenting the selected article of the International Skills Conference by the General Director of Technical and Vocational Organizations of Khorasan Razavi in


        instagram.com/ojan_handicrafts        sdolati2@gmail.com      



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