Sasan Meftahi




Artist:Sasan Meftahi

 Item title  : Massacre

Category: Painting

Movement: contemporary

Size: 100x 120 cm

Material: oil on canvas

Producing date: 2019

Item price: 600 USD

Item description:  I`ve got a stone in my hands and there is a crow in my mind! I fear myself. painting is a treatment for my inner sicknesses. My childhood and adolescence era were passed with tramp and bombard through the war. it compassed me either with fear and anxiety through the lost youth, so surely it imported my (works) pictures,too. humans and the tragedies they caused were portrayed with an aggrieved personalty full of fear and and anxiety with sharp colors and expressive wxpression and steady scratch. they`re full of fears, anxiety inside me, and the society…

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