Zohreh Sadeghi




Artist: Zohreh Sadeghi

 Item title  : Adam and Eve

Category: Painting

Movement: contemporary

Size: 50 x 70cm

Material: acrylic on canvas

Producing date: 2020

Item price: 310 USD

Item description:  Man is a being who arises from non-existence in order to prove his existence and travels towards non-existence. In this historical event, he uses every ritual and magic to identify himself, and sometimes he suffers from a kind of anonymity and rejection. He encounters a world that is not a world, and to deal with these insecurities and answer his own questions, phenomenology is the way that accompanies him in this goal. Abandoned creatures associated with humans and animals, which have departed from their sanctity, are the story of my struggle with hope and despair together, not with anger, nor with sorrow, nor with annoyance, but in order to add new interpretations to the signs.

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