Design Award 2020

Goldreed Industrial Design Award (“GIDA” for short), based in Xiongan New Area of China, is an international design prize driven by globalization, specialization and market orientation. 
The prize is created to discover the future of design, inspire the quality of future living and empower the design of future cities by exploring the Chinese concept of “harmony” and attracting the global innovation featuring artificial intelligence and sustainability.
 Categories :
Transportation Means 
Includes unmanned vehicles, smart buses, high-speed trains, automobiles, aircrafts, tools and facilities for riding instead of walking, service-oriented vehicles in urban areas, water vehicles, etc.
Manufacturing Equipment 
Includesmanufacturing equipment, construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, mechanical tools, medical devices, office facilities, transportation equipment, protective equipment, etc.
Information Processing 
Includes communication equipment, broadcast and television equipment, audio and video equipment, wearable devices, computers, intelligent terminals, etc.
Home Life
Includes home furniture, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration, products for the aged, children products, mother and baby products, toys and musical instruments, etc.
Sports and Healthcare
Includessports and fitness equipment, leisure products, outdoor products, physical testing devices, health monitoring devices, etc.
Public facilities
Includes urban furniture, public lighting, guiding signs, shared facilities, information service facilities, sanitation facilities, safety facilities, transportation facilities, facilities for leisure and entertainment, etc.
Culture and Creativity
Includes products with local culture, stationery, fashion clothing and accessories, packaging and tableware, etc.
Communication Design
Includes the logos, branding, showcase, packaging, animation, print advertising meGIDA,website, Apps, userinterface, publishing, etc.
Timeline : 
Application Deadline  : June 30, 2020
Final Evaluation : Sept, 2020
Award Ceremony : Winners Exhibition Sept 17 – 20, 2020

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “ GIDA ” Award contest is free

GIDA Awards : 
The Goldreed Industrial Design Awards has a total award pool of 4,300,000 RMB, with over 30 cash awards to assign.
1° award “BEST OF THE BEST”: 1,000,000 RMB


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