International Photography Award

The Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) is an international photography award established in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.
Theme :
‘WATER’ is the main theme of this year’s competition.
 Other categories are: General, Portfolio (storytelling) and Mobile Photography
– Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi except the Mobile category where the photo must be no less than 2 MB and to be suitable for publication.
– Participants are requested to submit the RAW/original camera files at the same time of submitting their photographs.
– In the Portfolio category, participants are required to submit 5-10 photographs of the same subject matter as part of their submission..
– You can submit photos through the official HIPA website
There is no entry fee to participate!
The competition is free to enter
Deadline :  31st October 2019
Who may enter ?
The competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over.
Prizes :
The total prize pool is US$ 450,000, with $120,000 going to the Grand Prize winner
1st          $20,000
2nd         $16,000
3rd         $12,000
 4th        $8,000
 5th        $4,000
Portfolio (Story Telling)
1st        $24,000
2nd       $21,000
3rd        $19,000
 4th       $17,000
 5th       $14,000
Black & White
1st        $20,000
2nd       $15,000
3rd        $10,000
1st        $20,000
2nd       $15,000
3rd        $10,000
1st         $12,000
2nd        $10,000
3rd         $8,000
4th         $6,000
5th         $4,000
Special Awards
Photography Appreciation Award                                       $20,000
The Photography Content Creator Award                          $15,000
Emerging Person/Organization in Photography Award     $10,000
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