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Co-presented by Hong Kong Designers Association since 2001, Hong Kong International Poster Triennial (HKIPT) is a major event of Hong Kong Heritage Museum to document the development of international poster design, to celebrate achievements at regular intervals and to display excellent works of design.
Now in its seventh edition, the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial is a major event of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Designers Association. The event comprises three major parts: competition, exhibition and symposium.
Topic :
 ” Still & Motion ” is the theme of “Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2020”.
 This international poster design competition will be organised under four categories “(A) Ideology”, “(B) Promotion of Cultural Events”, “(C) Commercial and Advertising” and “(D) Animated Poster”.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “ HKIPT  ” Award contest is free

Requirements  :
. There is no limitation to the number of entries submitted by each entrant. Each printed poster entry can only enter one category from (A) to (C).
. Posters under Categories (A) to (C) : The minimum size of poster eligible for all entries is 420 x 594 mm and the maximum size is 1200 x 1800 mm.
. Posters under Category (D) : The entry must be in digital format with animated features. Duration should be between 10 to 15 seconds; file format should be GIF or MP4. Suggested ratio is 9:16; resolution of 1080 (width) x 1920 (height) px.
Deadline :   30 September 2020
Who can enter ?
The poster competition is open to designers and young design talents from all countries and regions.
. Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be selected for each category.
. Judges Award: Named after the respective judges. Five international judges will each select one outstanding entry from all entries.
. Trophies will be presented to all award winners. Certificates will also be presented to entrants whose works are selected.


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