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Odessa Breeze inviting everyone to participate in its poster competition titled 4rd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster, open to works worldwide and held in the category:
“Theatrical Poster”.
Works will be estimated as an art work, in a multifaceted theatrical process.
The 1st International Contest of the Theatrical Poster took place in 2013 within the framework of International Theatrical Festival “Meetings in Odessa” with the participation of State Theatre Agency of Russia and Theatre Union of Russia. 144 artists from 17 countries including Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Finland, Israel participated and more than 400 posters were sent.
The 2nd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster was held within the framework of the XI Vampilov International Theatrical Festival of Modern Drama in Okhlopkov Academician Drama Theatre, Irkutsk (Russia) in September, 2017. There were more than 800 works from 300 participants of 34 countries.
The 3rd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster was in 2019 as a part of X International Festival-Laboratory of Chamber Theatres and Small-form Plays “MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU” in State Youth Drama Theatre “From The Streets of Roses” (Kishinev, Moldova). There were more than 800 works from 400 participants of 42 countries.
The posters of 2017-2020 to any performance can take part in this competition.
Submied poster need to be A1 format and saved in .tif (.jpg) format at least 150 dpi.
The aim of the contest is the further development of theatrical poster as an art form, the strengthening of the international cultural ties, providing opportunities for participation for artists.
No Entry Fee!
It’s free to enter.
Deadline : January 15, 2019
Who may enter ? 
Anyone can take part in the Contest by posting their work directly on the official website or send an application in e-form.
Award :
After the closing of the Exhibition the Jury announces three winners in the each nomination.
The works selected by the Jury will be printed by the Organizing Committee.
The Artists` Jury will select about 70 posters for further exposition. Then each Jury (the Artists’ and the Theatre Critics’ ones) announces 3 winners from the selected works. Awards and diplomas of participants will be sent by e-mail.
Official website:

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