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Launched in 2019 at the Singapore International Jewellery Expo in Marina Bay Sands, the IJA award is a collaboration between experts in jewellery commerce, design and education. CEMS, Caratell and JDMIS envision the IJA award to become the definitive symbol of excellence in the jewellery arts in Asia.
Celebrating excellence in the jewellery arts from the heart of Asia. The IJS awards recognize jewellery innovation across generations, markets & cultures.
Don’t miss Southeast Asia’s  breathtaking showcase of the most  exquisite jewelry and cutting-edge  designs from around the world.
International Jewellery Stars Awards 2019
International Jewellery Stars Awards 2019
Featuring more than 200 exhibitors from 25 countries, the abundance of natural gems and resources in Asian countries, coupled with the 5% increase in the number of high net worth individuals in Singapore to 105,100 in 2016*, and as of 2018 Singapore is the wealthiest Asian city. SIJE 2019 provides an unparalleled opportunity for tapping into Asia’s fast developing jewelry market. SIJE 2019 will continue to be the affluent hub to showcase fine collections of luxury gem pieces to the well-heeled in Singapore as well as traders and high net worth buyers from China and India; the two most competitive markets in Asia.
Open Category
Providing maximum flexibility for designers of any age and background, including active jewellery professionals.
Emerging TALENT
Nurturing design students and new entrants to the jewellery industry with less than 5 years of professional experience.
Creative Collections
Celebrating the creativity of existing collections produced by artists and designers with an international platform.
Award Prizes
Open Category 
1st  Prize : SGD$2000 CASH + S$2000 Training Voucher
2nd Prize : SGD$1000 CASH +S$1000 Training Voucher
3rd Prize : SGD$500 CASH +S$500 Training Voucher
Emerging Talent
1st  Prize : SGD$750 CASH + S$2000 Training Voucher
2nd Prize : SGD$500 CASH + S$1000 Training Voucher
3rd Prize : SGD$250 CASH + S$500Training Voucher
Creative Collections 3 Award Winners
Exhibition :  Space & Publicity at Singapore International Jewelry Expo 2019 +S$500 Training Voucher
3 Award Winners
Charity Contribution
1st Place Award Winners in the Open Category and Emerging Talent Category will be invited to manufacture their winning designs (or work with a sponsoring manufacturer) for a special international charity auction at SIJE 2019 supporting Mercy Relief.
Deadline : 1 June 2019
    Each entry should be submitted electronically together with a completed application form.
    The application form must include information for all required fields, including a description of the sizes, material(s) and technique(s) used and a brief description summarising the design style, with a maximum of 300 words.
    All entry forms must be completed in English. Design descriptions will NOT form a part of the judging criteria and will be used solely for the purposes of providing supporting information about the design and its designer to the public.
    All designs must be submitted electronically via the International Jewellery Stars web-based submission page. Submissions may include scans of physical drawings or computer aided design renderings.
    All designs must include:
        (Open & Emerging) Illustration or rendering of design
        (Open & Emerging) Technical drawing of design consisting of at least a top and one side view in 1:1 Scale
        (Creative Collection) Illustration or concept art for collection
        (Creative Collection) Photographs of the finished jewellery
        For Scans of Physical Drawings
            Dimensions A4 LANDSCAPE size (297mmx210mm)
            Scan resolution: 300dpi
            File Type: File Type PNG / PDF / JPG
            File Size no more than 5MB
        For Computerised Designs
            Dimensions: Minimum 1920×1080 pixels – LANDSCAPE orientation
            File Type: PNG / PDF / JPG
            File Size: no more than 5MB
            *Computerised design finalists will be asked to submit a 3D Model in STL Format
    Individual submissions are limited to 2 uploads per submission (one illustration or rendering, one technical drawing.) If you are submitting more than one design, please submit each one individually as a separate application.
    To preserve the integrity of the judging process, no identifying features of name, logo, or trademark on any entry is allowed. After judging has been completed, all designs will be properly credited in any public display.
There is no entry fee to participate!
The competition is free to enter.
    Final judging will take place in June 2019.
    Entries for IJS Awards will be evaluated anonymously, impartially and ethically against the following criteria:
        Adherence to Theme 30%
        Originality 20%
        Creativity 30%
        Commercial Practicality 20%
    The decision of the panel of Judges will be final and is not subject to dispute or appeal.
    IJS does not charge an admission or participation fee.
    Winners will be invited to participate in awards activities and press events in Singapore, as well as to optionally manufacture their winning designs or exhibit their winning collections.
    IJS, nor any of its supporting sponsors, shall bear any cost associated with individual’s participation in these activities including but not limited to:
        Any form of travel expense, air or otherwise
        Any form of lodging expense in Singapore or while in transit
        Commercial insurance on jewellery being transported, stored or exhibited at SIJE or to the sponsoring manufacturer.
    IJS will endeavour to assist in the location of third-party sponsors for jewellery insurance and transport – but will be unable to assist with travel and lodging arrangements.
    Once submitted, no application may be modified until the final selection process.
    Finalists will be contacted before the announcement of the winning pieces to review their application details.
    After the winning designs have been selected by the final judging panel, no changes to application details will be accepted for any reason.
    Submissions should be original work and should NOT have won prizes or placed as finalists in other local or international competitions.
    Submissions are not required to be created solely for the purpose of this competition, hence participants may submit existing commercial designs for consideration provided they meet category and competition criteria.
    There is no limit on the number of submissions per individual, the same may only be submitted for ONE category.
    Participants may choose to submit different designs for a single category or any combination of multiple categories.
    Employees of the sponsoring companies may not enter the competition.
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