International Photo Contest

Professional and amateur photographers from all over the world are invited to take part in the International Photo Contest on greener healthcare waste management, which will be held from April 30 to July 15, 2019. Participation of healthcare, environmental health workers, women and youth from developing countries is particularly welcomed.
Submit a photo that shows your awareness on healthcare waste issues such as what impact it has on the environment, what innovations and practices are introduced to minimize it.
Who can enter?
The International Photo Contest is for professional and amateur photographers from all over the world. Participation of healthcare workers, environmental health workers and especially women and youth from developing countries is particularly welcomed.
Is there any fee for participation
No, there is no fee for participation.
Deadline : July 15, 2019
 Can I send several photos?
You can send 2 photos only. In other words, you can participate with one photo in each of the category of the contest. More than 2 photos will not be accepted.
caption for a photo submitted?
Yes, because it will help us to understand what is taking place in the photograph. The jury will read your caption and the information provided will give additional context for your image. Please share the exact location the image was taken, describe the scene pictured and any identifiable people in less than 30 words.
    In total, 8 prizes of USD 400 vouchers/cheques (or whatever is applicable);
    Appreciation certificates for the best 30 photos.
 In general, it depends on your creative vision and what do you want to express through your photos. Some ideas are provided below:
-A photo showing impact of HCW on natural environment.
-A photo depicting innovative practices that can reduce HCW releases.
-A photo demonstrating the signs of the pollution change in our food-chain/soil, fishes/water, breath/air;
-A photo showing the impact of mercury use on the environment and health;
-A photo showing different roles and risks associated to gender dimension in HCWM.
– It indeed depends on your creativity. Below are some ideas, which you might consider:
– A photo which shows improved healthcare waste management systems (e.g. draw flow of improved classification, segregation, storage, transport and disposal).
– A photo which demonstrates positive changes we want to see on our food chain/soil, fishes/water, breath/air and the like.
– A photo showing what you imagine for clean and green future environment in a creative way.
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