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First of its kind design challenge for graphic designers which aims to create a movement among the community of visual artists and graphic designers. 365 Day design challenge is a hustle of one year with sprints that have daily, weekly, monthly, Season’s (4 months) challenges and of course a marathon which lasts for a whole year.
The challenge aims to destroy those creative blocks that every designer face to build on their creativity.
Who is eligible to enter ?
You need to be 16+ year old to take part in this. There is no compulsory discipline for this challenge and it is open worldwide across all geographical regions. Participation is on an individual basis. Entries must be the original work of the entrants who will be recognized as the sole artist of the said entries throughout the challenge.
Deadline :  Friday, January 3, 2020
    You don’t need a degree in any discipline, you need to be master of your own creation.
    What’s compulsory is a creation made out of graphics, photos, 3d, sketching, paintings or all molded into one poster. Every day.
    Participation is on individual basis only.
    Entries must be original works of the entrant, who will be recognized as the sole artist of the said entries throughout the challenge.
    You are not allowed to submit the same poster on multiple days.
There is no entry fee to participate!
 The competition is free to enter
How it works
We release a daily word of inspiration on our website to submit a poster for 365 days. Design and upload a poster pertaining to the daily word of inspiration within 72 hours. The designer’s community on UNI votes for the best posters displayed on the 365 Wall. This voting goes for 365 days, but we release winners for every day, every week, every month and in every season based on the votes and your consistency which can be seen on a leaderboard. These series of sprint go on for a year and results in a marathon where we release our grand winner at the end of the year who tops the leaderboard.
365 Day Design Challenge Registration ends: 31st December 2019
365 Day Design Challenge Submission ends: 03rd January 2020
Last date to Invite Requests for Golden Circle: 27th November 2018
Beta challenge Starts: 20th November 2018
Beta Challenge ends: 05th December 2018
Prize pool of worth 70,000 USD!
Boost Bait Prizes 20,000 USD
2 Grand Award: 15,000 USD
2 People’s Favorite: 8,000 USD
2 Bait Collector: 5,000 USD
6 Season Winner: 3,000 USD
Q-Centurion Award: 3,000 USD
365 Day Award: 3,000 USD
365 Daily Theme Winner: 5,000 USD
104 Weekly Winner: 3,000 USD
24 Monthly Winner: 3,000 USD
The Stylist: 1,000 USD
The Outlaw: 1,000 USD
Official website:

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