Design Contest 2021

The 15th Istanbul 2021 İTHİB International Fabric Design Contest is organized by Istanbul Textile and Raw Material Exporters’ Association. 
Istanbul Textile and Raw Material Exporters’ Association (ITHIB), with its over 4000 members, is a prominent organization representing Turkish textile exporters. It hosts the Istanbul International Fabric Design Contest since 2006.
requirements :
Fabric designs should be addressed to outfits and be applicable to industrial production. 
Participants are invited to submit 4 different fabric designs in conformity with contest theme and technical requirements.
Topic : 
This year ITHIB Fabric Design Contest embraces the nature like it never did before and stands up against depleting resources, tells us to be aware!It thanks the nature!
The Universe is perfect the way it is. Isn’t it us that needs to change?
The competition themes for this year’s competition are:
    All That Shimmers — All the strength and glimmer you look for is in the nature. All you have to do is to look and see.It unrolls all the glimmering textures you need in front of you with all its generosity. Inspiration is in the reflections, from water to air, from air to water…
    Ethically Made! — We need sustainability in all areas of life and for this everyone must express oneself with manner of clothing and lifestyle in the most natural possible way without falling victim to fashion or trends.
    Eco Intelligence — Now we are more responsible towards the nature with every step we take… The balance between what is natural and what is human-made is the interaction space of design…
    Earth Lab — Takes its strength and story from the earth! Solution lies in nature again! While nature is giving fabrics its own texture, taking responsibility for it falls to our share!
Timeline :
Deadline :  25 June 2021  
Results Announcement Expected : 12 November 2021

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the competition is completely free.

Who can enter ?
The contest is open to textile professionals and college, university or design academy students or graduates.
Award : 
The winners will recieve the following awards.
Top three finalists will have the opportunity of a visit to Première Vision Paris February 2021 and 6-months foreign language education. 
The first contestant will be given monetary award of 7,600 Euro, the second 3,800 Euro and the third 1,900 Euro.
Designers shall be evaluated with respect to the following criteria:
    The designer’s creativity
    Originality and novelty of the design
    Suitability for improvement and applicability of the techniques used for the fabric design
    Selection of materials and material – design compatibility
    Properties that enhance the fabric’s added value and technical characteristics

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