Jewelry Design Competition

JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 2019 is organized by Hong Kong Jewelry Manufacturers’ Association. It has been receiving continuous support from the jewelry industry in Hong Kong for 19 years.
Theme :
“Uniqueness” could be brought into every single aspect. It could be
an unusual concept, inspiring design and a greatly crafted jewelry
piece. Hong Kong is unique in global jewelry markets. With unique
design and great craftsmanship, we are proud to say Hong Kong
jewelry product stands without peer in the world. You may wear
various jewelry pieces which best represent yourself on different
occasions. Let’s put them on and shine as bright as a star!
There is no entry fee to participate!
The competition is free to enter.
Deadline : 6 may 2019
1. Contestants must not submit more than TWO entries in each participating group.
2. A completed and signed application form should be submitted with each entry; contestants participating in Open Group are required to fill in the sponsoring company information and confirmed by the seal of the sponsoring company.
3. The entries from all participating groups should be sketched or printed on ONE single-sided A4 size paper (regardless of the number of jewelry pieces included in the entry) and mounted on A4  size black cardboard. If we receive entries that do not meet the above onditions, the organizer  reserves the right to display it in the competition.
4. All design artwork must clearly state the true proportion of its jewelry product. (e.g. 1:1)
5. The design sketches and the jewelry pieces should not show the contestant names, the sponsoring companies, the registered trademark or the company logo.
6. Entries should not be used for any promotional purposes without the organizer’s approval.
7. The material and value of the jewelry pieces should be declared on the application form. The organizer reserves the right to analyze the jewelry pieces and disqualify pieces that do not meet the ompetition’s criteria or that have been falsified.
8. Each group must receive at least 20 entries. Otherwise, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the participating group
1. Each participating group (Open group I & II, Hand Sketch Group, Computer Aided Design Group, Local Student Group) has one champion and three merits.
2. One Best Market Value Award and one Best Craftsmanship Award will be selected among all  “Open Group” finalists by “one man one vote“ of the judging panel on the final day.
Open Group I, Open Group II: Winner’s Trophy,
Cash Prize – HK$20,000 & Tahiti Study Tour (value over HK$50,000)
Hand Sketch Group, Computer Aided Design Group,
Local Student Group: Winner’s Trophy & Cash Prize – HK$6,000
Hand Sketch Group, Computer Aided Design Group,
Local Student Group: Winner’s Trophy & Cash Prize – HK$2,000
Open Group: Winner’s Trophy & Cash Prize – HK$10,000
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