Scholarships 2021

KU LEUVEN has funding for a 4-year fellowship to work towards aPhD in Chemical Engineering in a veryinternational research group. Progress will be annually reviewed following the guidelinesby the Arenberg Doctoral School. 
Within this PhD project they will synthesize, test and optimize new biobased thermosetting and thermoplastic polymers using lignin depolymerization products. These lignin monomers and oligomers will be produced and extracted from lignocellulosic materials using the lignin-first biorefinery operated by Prof. B. Sels (Bioengineering – KU Leuven). Chemical modification of the extracted lignin fractions before polymer synthesis will be carried out in collaboration with Prof. B. Maes (Chemistry – UAntwerpen). The initial target polymers are polyesters, polyurethanes and polycarbonates. In our polymer developments, we will also specifically take into account depolymerisation strategies and options to facilitate chemical recycling of our polymers to strive towards a truly circular economy.
Programs and Levels of Study
 PhD programs
Study fields:
A master’s degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or Bio-engineering with experience in polymer synthesis is a must.  Other relevant experience will be a plus. Admission to the Arenberg Doctoral School requires at least a Master’s degree with distinction or a Master’s degree with a scientific publication in an international peer-reviewed journal.
Timeline : 
December 20, 2021
Who may enter ?
Students from from all over the world.
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