Competition Photography 2020

The photographic Call is promoted by the Roma Fotografia, TWM Factory, ILFOTOGRAFO, il Festival della Fotografia Etica di Lodi in collaboration with The Walkman Magazine.


The world is experiencing the biggest media epidemic that humanity has known.

Today technology has made this possibility accessible to all. With this awareness Roma Fotografia and the dynamic reality of TWM-Factory wish to transform the infinite feelings and influences that accompany this difficult period, into a great opportunity that breaks down limits, climbs over walls, puts us in touch by recounting and expressing in many different languages, but contextually with a common language, that of photography, everything that is happening in the different countries of the world and among the many people who inhabit it, with the many cultural, social and religious implications that characterize us.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “LIFE in the time of Coronavirus ” Award contest is free.

ِDeadline: 30th August 2020


SHORT STORY The work presented must be a project consisting of at least 6 max 10 photographs
SINGLE SHOT: The participant can send one or more single images. (even at different times)

Each author can participate in both categories

Who can enter ?
Open to all photographers, worldwide, 18+


_ The images selected by the scientific commission will participate in a traveling collective photographic exhibition starting from the next event of Roma Fotografia and within the Festival della Fotografia Etica di Lodi

_ The selected works will be published in the journal IL FOTOGRAFO with a critical text by the editorial staff and will be published in the main newspapers.


_ Black and white and colour photographs with vertical as well as horizontal and square shots are allowed.

_ Shoot with any medium, digital analog or mobile.

_ Photographs must be sent in low resolution up to 1 mega in JPEG format (.jpg).

_ Photos must not contain watermarks

_ Those selected will be requested to send the same in high resolution to be forwarded no later than 10 days from the receipt of the communication.



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