List of art Competitions & contests

Recall titleDeadlineCategoryInternational / national
the 10th International Animated Film Festival Animocje2019/12/31Animated Film FestivalInternational
Embracing Our Differences _ Art competition 20202020/10/07 Art competition 2020International
Announcing TAI Photo Grant 2020 _ competition Photo 20202020/01/13Photo Grant 2020International
Ro Plastic Prize 2020 – Design Competition 20202020/01/30Design Competition 2020International
Shining a Light International Photography Contest 20202019/12/31Photography Contest 2020International
Ikei Photo Contest 2019 – international competition2019/12/31Photo Contest 2019International
Chicago Latino Film Festival _POSTER CONTEST 20202020/01/17Poster Contest 2020International
SansperArte Paese Museo International Illustration Award2019/11/30Illustration AwardInternational
Art residency in Norway 2020 _ Art residency 20202019/11/15Art residency 2020International
The International Image Festival FINI 2020 _ Contest 20202020/01/26Contest 2020International
Wanderlust Photo of the Year 2019 _ photography contest2019/11/30photography contestInternational
The International Reggae Poster Contest 20202020/03/01Poster Contest 2020International
Human Solidarity International Photo Contest 20202020/05/03Photo Contest 2020International
Golden Turtle 2020 – international art competition 20202020/02/29international art competition 2020International
The ZCENIE 2019 Photography Contest2019/12/31photography competitionInternational
A’ Design Award & Competition 2020 _ Design Competition 2020Design Competition 2020International
2020 Sony World Photography Awards _ competition Photography2020/01/14Photography AwardsInternational
30th Photographic Contest “Caminos de Hierro”2020/01/21Photographic ContestInternational
The Bridgeman Studio Award 2019 _photography, illustrations, painting2019/12/16competition ArtInternational
21st Edition of International Garden Festival _Design competition2019/11/25Design competitionInternational
 Furniture design competition 2019 _Design competition2019/11/29Design competitionInternational
International Student Art ContestScience Without Borders Challenge 20202020/04/20International Student Art ContestInternational
ZEISS Photography Award 2020 _ competition Photography2020/02/04Photography Award 2020International
KINO DER KUNST 2020 – film festival2019/12/05 film festivalInternational
International Cartoon Contest Golden Hat 2019, Belgium2019/12/31 Cartoon ContestInternational
DESIGN THE POSTER 2021  – International Poster Contest !2019/11/15 Poster ContestInternational
Metro Photo Challenge 2019 -photography competition2019/11/28photography competitionInternational
The Fumetto International Comix Festival 20202019/10/31International Comix Festival 2020International
Wellcome Photography Prize 2020 -Photography competition2019/12/16Photography competitionInternational
2020 World of Wearable Art Design Competition2020/03/30Design CompetitionInternational
The Artisan Jewellery Design Awards 2020 – Design Awards2019/10/31Jewellery Design AwardsInternational
International Photo Contest “Youth Eyes on the Silk Roads”2020/01/06International Photo ContestInternational
International Contest of the Theatrical Poster – poster competition2020/01/15poster competitionInternational
The CarpetVista Design Competition 20192019/11/28 Design Competition 2019International
 International Biennial Prize for Contemporary Photography 20192019/11/20Contemporary PhotographyInternational
Stanford Design Challenge 2020: Reducing the Inequity Gap2019/12/06 Design ChallengeInternational
Contemporary Talents competition – 9th edition2019/11/02competition ArtInternational
The Art of Building _ photography competition2019/11/25photography competitionInternational
6th Children’s Picture Book International Prize CIUTAT DE BENICARLÓ 20192019/10/20 Picture Book InternationalInternational
Michelin Challenge Design 2020 _ Design competition2020/03/01Design competitionInternational
2nd International VOHH FOTO FEST 2020 _ photography festival2019/11/20photography festivalInternational
27th San Diego Latino Film Festival International Poster Competition2019/11/01 Poster CompetitionInternational
iPhone Photography Awards 20202020/03/31Photography Awards 2020International
Inviting “A Poster A Day” for 365 Days _ design challenge2020/01/03design challengeInternational
Design-A-Sock Contest 2019 _Design Contest2019/09/30Design ContestInternational
Smash The Narrative –  Art prize for artists 20202019/12/31Art prizeInternational
Lexus Design Award 2020 Competition2019/10/14 Design Award 2020International
Photography 4 Humanity Global Prize 20192019/10/15photography contestInternational
Doha Youth Innovation Photography Award 20202019/11/31Photography Award 2020International
The Bologna Children’s Book Fair – Fundación SM International Award for Illustration 20202019/11/04Illustration 2020International
International Poster Contest ”To Death with a Smile” 2019-2020 2019/10/21Poster Contest 2020International
International Picture Book Competition Biblioteca Insular de Gran Canaria2019/09/30Picture Book CompetitionInternational
Toyota Logistic Design Competition _ Design Competition 20202019/10/22Design Competition 2020International
International Illusterated Picture Book Contest2020/02/14IllusteratedInternational
SICAB 2020 Poster Contest _ Poster Contest 20202019/09/10Poster Contest 2020International
LOEWE Craft Prize 20202019/10/30 Craft Prize 2020International
HIPA 2019-2020 – The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award2019/10/31International Photography AwardInternational
5th International Poster Contest 20192019/09/30Poster Contest 2019International
RHS Photographic Competition 2020 – Photographic Competition2020/03/02Photographic CompetitionInternational
Typography Day 2020 Logo Design Competition2019/09/30Logo Design CompetitionInternational
Wildlife, Landscape and Nature  photography contest2019/11/02photography contestInternational
30th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition 20192019/09/30Design Competition 2019International
KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD 20202019/10/18DESIGN AWARD 2020International
Art Fellowship In Germany in the below subjects2019/09/15Art FellowshipInternational
Carmignac Photojournalism Award 2019 – Photography competition2019/10/16Photography competitionInternational
Play_Street Ideas Competition 20192019/08/09 Ideas Competition 2019International
International Compost Awareness Week 2020 Poster Contest 2019/11/012020 Poster Contest International
23nd Luis Valtueña Humanitarian Photography Award 20192019/11/08Photography Award 2019International
AnimeGO! Short Anime Film Competition 20192019/08/31Film Competition 2019International
“The Wonders of Waste” WasteAid Photo Competition 20192019/07/31Photo CompetitionInternational
International Graphic design competition Matters 20192019/08/11 Graphic design competitionInternational
GIT’s 13th World Jewelry Design Award 20192019/08/01 Jewelry Design AwardInternational
2019 KIABusan International Architecture & Urban Digital Photo Competition2019/09/06Digital Photo CompetitionInternational
animago Award 2019 – Digital Art2019/07/31Digital ArtInternational
#OurSummerOfLove Instagram Photo Competition2019/08/30 Instagram Photo CompetitionInternational
2020 Warming Huts: An Art + Architecture Competition On Ice2019/09/19Architecture CompetitionInternational
OPPO Creators Awards 2019 SEE BEYOND2019/07/17Photography competitionInternational
Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2020 (TAAF2020)2019/11/10 Award Festival 2020International
 2020 IIDA Student Design Competition – Design Competition 20202020/02/17Design Competition 2020International
Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019 2019/08/04Design Competition 2019 International
World Water Challenge international contest 20192019/07/28international contest 2019International
International Photo Contest on Greener Healthcare Waste Management2019/07/15International Photo ContestInternational
MEI’s 2019 Photography Contest _ Photography competition2019/07/19Photography competitionInternational
The 3rd Little Hakka International Picture Book Award2019/08/31 Book AwardInternational
35 AWARDS  Photo Contest 2019 – international Photo Contest2020/02/25 Photo Contest 2019International
UniBap Pocket Park Design Competition 20192019/10/01Design Competition 2019International
The Countryfile Photographic Competition 20192019/07/12Photographic Competition 2019International
PAVE 2019 Student Design Competition _ design award2019/11/07Design Competition 2019International
World Food Day Poster Contest 20192019/11/08Poster Contest 2019International
Nuclear Awareness Poster Contest 2019 _ Design competition2019/07/16Poster Contest 2019International
 The Ian Parry Scholarship 2019 2019/07/05Parry ScholarshipInternational
The Photography contest “Has the Eagle landed?” _ Photography contest2019/07/12Photography contestInternational
Design contest Nokia 2019 – Design contest 20192019/06/30Design contest 2019International
Parallel Traces Photographic Competition -Photographic Competition 20192019/06/26Photographic Competition 2019International
2019 Newcomer Award – International Poster Competition2019/07/31International Poster CompetitionInternational
20° International Competition 2019 for cartoonists on the world of wine2019/10/14cartoon CompetitionInternational
The 2019 7th Bio-Art Contest 2019 -Art Contest2019/09/30Art ContestInternational
Billboard Art Competition Art Moves 2019_ Art Competition2019/07/23Art CompetitionInternational
2019 iJungle Illustration Awards2019/10/15Illustration AwardsInternational
NCM OPEN CALL design contest 20192020/08/31 design contest 2019International
The Sony World Photography Awards 2020 _ Photography competition2020/01/14 Photography competitionInternational
Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award 20192019/08/25 Photojournalism Award 2019International
New Idea contest on dbt FIBRE2019/09/21 Idea contestInternational
SPIE Annual International Day of Light Photo Contest 20192019/09/16Photo Contest 2019International
JMA International Jewelry Design Competition 20192019/06/06 Jewelry Design CompetitionInternational
The UAE SDG Photography Award 2019 2019/07/31Photography Award 2019 International
2019 CineSpace Short Film Competition2019/07/15Short Film CompetitionInternational
The 2019 EyeEm Photography Competition 20192019/07/26 Photography Competition 2019International
The Allard Prize Photography Competition 20192019/11/01Photography Competition 2019International
Porada International Design Award 20192019/11/08 Design Award 2019International
PTPC  PHILIPPINES TOURISM PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION 20192019/05/30Photographer Competition 2019International
V Tragaluz International Illustration Award 20192019/08/15 Illustration AwardInternational
Shelter for Soul International Design & Installation Competition 20192019/07/12Design CompetitionInternational
“Wild Life” Digital Art Contest 20192019/06/21Digital Art ContestInternational
International Triennial of Contemporary Prints competition Liège 2019/10/01Prints competitionInternational
Blooom Award by Warsteiner 2019 – International Art competition2019/07/31International Art competitionInternational
Environmental Photographer Competition of the Year2019/06/30Photographer CompetitionInternational
Nikon Small World photography Competition 20202020/04/30photography CompetitionInternational
Envision Kindness 2019 photography Contest2019/06/30 photography ContestInternational
International Jewellery Stars Awards 20192019/06/01International JewelleryInternational
The International Contest “Łódź Young Fashion Award” 20192019/06/23Fashion AwardInternational
8th Posterheroes Social Communication Contest – poster contest2019/06/03 poster contestInternational
12th Plaktivat Poster Design Competition2019/05/10Design CompetitionInternational
13th Japan International MANGA Award2019/06/13Design CompetitionInternational
14th China Hardware Product Design Competition 20192019/09/15Design CompetitionInternational
17th Annual Photo Contest2019/11/30PhotographyInternational
Lumen Prize for Art and Technology2019/05/03PhotographyInternational
Bird Photography Competition 20192019/05/31Photography CompetitionInternational
Cheltenham Illustration Awards 20192019/06/01IllustrationInternational
DERWENT ART PRIZE 20192020/02/17art prizeInternational
Design Competition International Visual Identity 20192019/09/05DesignInternational
Andreu World Design Contest 20192019/11/29DesignInternational