Organised by Mellow, in partnership with Bijutsutecho (the most famous art magazine in Japan), the Mellow Art Award 2020 is looking for artworks to be distributed worldwide through the “Mellow” app.
Aimed :
    “Mellow” is an app which provides a happy, relaxing, and inspirational experience for people with busy daily lives. “Mellow” delivers not only fine art from museums around the world, but also works by young and emerging artists from Asia. (The “Mellow” app will be available in U.S. in November 2020, and planned to expand globally)
    “Mellow” users receive artworks every day based on their preference and save their favorite ones. For artists, they can spread their artworks globally to reach supporters globally via “Mellow”. Would you like to relax and inspire the world with your artworks? They are awaiting your application for Mellow Art Award 2020.
    Prize : 
    Grand prize : 200,000 JPY (approx. 1,910 USD)
    • Second prize (10 artists) 30,000 JPY
    • Honorable mention (20 artists) 10,000 JPY
    • Jury award (4 artists) Special prize from the jury
Artwork :
    Art brings happiness, comforts, relax, and/or inspiration.
    Art with touches of Asia
     Deadline:  November 30, 2020 
 Category :
    Static images such as oil painting, water painting, drawing, photo, and pictures etc. (Videos are not accepted). Images of 3D/installation are accepted, but will be displayed as static images on the Mellow app.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the competition is completely free

Who m ay enter ? 
    Open to all ages, nationalities, professionals and amateurs. If a gallery manages your artworks, approval from the gallery or application by gallery is recommended.
 Requirements :
    *Images of 3D/installation are accepted, but will be displayed as static images on the Mellow app
    Multiple artworks can be submitted per application by an artist or a group of artists
    If you belong to a gallery, approval shall be granted for artworks
    Maximum image capacity: under 20MB
    Minimum vertical and horizontal size: more than 700px
    Extension: jpg, png, tiff

4 thoughts on “Mellow Art Award 2020 _ Art Competition

  1. Rishabh Pathania says:

    I would Love to be the part of this great opportunity for exploration of the Art from all walks of life. Art is life force for an artist.

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