Photo Challenge 2019

The Metro Photo Challenge is arranged by Metro International Licensing S.A.

For the 15th global edition of the Metro Photo Challenge, Metro is proud to present this year’s photography contest that gathers more than 100 participating cities from Europe, Asia and America.

theme :
This year’s theme is ‘Moments That Take Your Breath Away’.

This year’s Metro Photo Challenge will focus on the moments that take your breath away, those moments that, for their strength, beauty or impact, make us run out of breath for a moment.

Deadline : 28 November 2019

Who may enter ?
Participation in this competition is international and open to any amateur or professional photographers from anywhere in the world.


You may submit one or more photos, but only one of your photos may be selected as a finalist photo.

To upload an image you must register in the Metro Photo Challenge 2019 through the website

There is no entry fee to participate!

The competition is free to enter

Prizes :

Grand Global Prize
It consists of a photo tour for 1 person to Africa (South Africa or Kenya) for 7 days to make a photo shoot, which will be published in a special edition of Metro (online and offline) .

The judging criteria consist of the following factors:

a) Fit and relevance:
– to what extent the photo “fits” and is relevant to the category.
B) Creativity:
– is the subject matter pictured in a unique way or is a common item shown from an interesting point of view?
– does the photo demonstrate originality?
C)Technical quality:
– color and/or tonal rendition
– contrast
– lighting
d) overall impression:
– does the photo grab the viewer’s attention and hold it?
– does it have the “wow” factor? Are there any special effects or extras?

Like every year there will be 2 stages: National and Global. In the National stage, in each country it will be chosen 3 winners by votes and 3 by local jury. These will go to the next round. In the next round (global stage) the 6 selected from each country go to the final where a global jury chooses the winner of the BIG PRIZE.

Official website:


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