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The idea of ​​initiating an international photography competition, which relies on literature as a source of inspiration, was created in 2011.
We read – we read a lot, and often. – Words, texts, writings.
But what about the language of images? – An image can say more than a thousand words.
Words in images connect the world of photography with the world of literature.
Both concern themselves with the art of observation, choosing a section of reality, transporting individual content out of direct experience, and changing perception.
Topic :
This competition is aimed at photographers, and is for works inspired by specific works of literature. The choice of literary form (poetry, prose, drama etc.) is open.
The stories, novels or poems inspire interesting photographic perspectives and thus bring the literature into the focus of the beholder.
Photographers turn into “image poets”.
 Deadline : 22 May 2020
Requirements :
Only one entry per person will be accepted. 
The entry shall not exceed 9 MB.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “  Photography and literature  ” Award contest is free

800€ for First Place,
500€ for Second Place,
and 300€ for Third Place,
sponsored by KELAG.
Who can enter ?
Open to all photographers, worldwide.

official website

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