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saeed heidari


 Nationality :  Iran _ Tehran

Date of birth : 1959/9/26




        My name is Saeed Heidari. I have been interested in painting since I was a child. I studied painting at the University of Tehran.
I am a member of the IWS International Watercolor Society
I also like cartoons and photography
My cartoons have been published in Iranian magazines and magazines
I have chosen the medium of watercolor in painting and I have continued it. I have participated in exhibitions in Iran and the world, in the exhibitions of Fabriano in Italy, Poland, Georgia, London, Pakistan.
I like watercolor because painting in watercolor medium is exciting to me, because this painting technique moves at will, and this type of painting is challenging because it often goes against your will. Watercolor painting creates an addiction in a person that forces him to learn its techniques and techniques throughout his life


Art activities

 – Official member of the International Watercolor Association of Iran IWS
 – Activities in the field of watercolor painting and familiar with caricature and photography
 – Painting in the Faculty of Fine Arts – University of Tehran
 – Learning watercolors with Professor Yazdchi and Professor Mahzabnia – Workshops of professors Eshtiaghi, Samandarian, Arvin
 – Accepted work in the International Biennial Festival of Iranian Watercolor (Tehran Andisheh Hall) -1397
 – Accepted work in the first Iranian watercolor symposium in Fars province – Shiraz – 1398
 – Holding and presenting works at the gallery2018 way middle exhibition in Hamburg, Germany
 – Painting Exhibition: House of Young Photographers 1398
 –  The work accepted in the International Biennial Biennial of Watercolors of Kosovo 2019
 – The work accepted in the 3rd International Watercolor Painting Biennale of Pakistan and the official invitation to attend that country 2019
 – Accepted work in the first biennial international watercolor painting biennial of Poland 11 september 2020 Your identity through watercolor
 – The work accepted in the great international festival Fabriano in Italy Fabriano in acquarello 2020
 – Selected work of the International Caspian Waves Festival of Azerbaijan, Baku international watercolor society Azerbaijan 2020
 – Online painting exhibition of visual arts in Tamasha Gallery, Isfahan, 1399
 – The work accepted in the second London International Coffee Festival BXH Gallery 2020
 – Virtual art painting exhibition in the garden quarantine of Tehran Palace Museum 1399
 – The work accepted in the 4th International Festival of Georgia Tbilist Gorgia 10 octobr 2020
 – Virtual exhibition of Tehran Visual Arts Association and Rangila Art Group 1399
 – Kiana Art Group Virtual Exhibition 1399
 – Virtual online exhibition of India Rhythm of life online ART EXHIBITION 2020
 – Participate in the online virtual exhibition Istanbul Istanbul Turkey Art Manifestation Group Visual Art Exhibition 2020
 – Attending group watercolor exhibitions in cultural centers and galleries: Charm  of Colors Exhibition in Atashzad Gallery – Davoodi Gallery – Isfahan Art Center –  Noor Cultural Center – My Land Contemporary Art Exhibition in Naghsh Khaneh – Gallery of Isfahan – Rangila Jelveh East and West Group located in Milad Tower – Flight of Desire Exhibition in the Mirror Hall of Azadi Tower – Zarna Gallery – Gallery Exhibition in Ferdows Cultural Center – Negah No Gallery, Isfahan
– Holding watercolor training classes







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