About artist


About Artist

Sagharallahkarami born in 1999.
Undevgraduate in visual art with a majon in painting from Dr.shariaty technical and vocational university.
Started painting seriously in 2019 and have appeared in four group shows so far. The main focus of the works is mostly based on mental figures and photography in mental and real space according to what I have experienced.

” Sagharallahkarami”
Undevgroduate visual arts painting from Dr.shariati university .
Associate degree visual arts painting from Dr.shariati university.
Diploma in visual arts face design lily Mofaghian techinical college.
Member of the exhibition committee of Iranian pottery and ceramic.
•Group exhibitions
“Painting and illustration ” in the negarkhane shariati
“Designing and painting”in the negarkhane shariati
“Neshat painting and drawing”in the Azadi tower
“Art and experience2” in the Entezami gallery
•Skills records
Word,PowerPoint, photoshop, Turkish language, rezin,pirinting,dream catcher,photography
•Educational courses
Drawing, kindergarten trainer,English language, painting, vitrai, junk art,relief


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