Design Competition 2019 

The Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019  is a global contest that challenges contestants to come up with innovative new ways for Galaxy mobile devices to be used in the future.

There are two categories to enter. 
The Next Mobile + category is to design a new accessory for Galaxy smartphones, tablets and wearables – such as smartphone cases, tablet covers, watch straps or earbud cases – which enhances the device and provides added value for the user.
The Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm category is to create a new wallpaper design for Galaxy devices with screens, which could incorporate elements such as interactivity and contextual awareness.
Who can enter?
All entrants must be over 18, professional designers or design students, and able to present their work to a panel of English-speaking judges.
If contestants enter as a team, they will be asked to select a single representative to attend the judging and awards ceremony.
Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019 
Samsung Mobile Design Competition 2019
Brief and judging criteria
For the Next Mobile Wallpaper Paradigm category, contestants are free to design a new wallpaper for a Galaxy mobile device or devices, whether static, animated or live. The judges will be looking for designs that suggest new possibilities for future mobile devices, such as interactive wallpapers that respond to the user’s touch and movement, or generative designs that transform depending on the user’s data or situation.
The competition has total prize money of $40,000. In each category, the winner will receive a top prize of $10,000, the runner up will receive $5,000 and third place will receive $3,000. The fourth- and fifth-placed entrants in each category will receive $1,000 each.
Deadline :  4 August 2019
Is there any fee for participation
No, there is no fee for participation
Contestants will need to submit their entry via this form and include the following information:
› The name of your design, which will appear on all communication and media coverage. The name should end with the words “of Galaxy”, to emphasise the relationship with Samsung Galaxy devices.
› A description of your design explaining the concept and any interactive or generative functionality (maximum 300 words).
› A still hero image showing your wallpaper design on the lockscreen of a Galaxy smartphone (using the provided template).
› A still image showing your wallpaper design on different Galaxy devices (using the provided template).
› Your final design, output as either a still image, a video, or an APK file. If your wallpaper is designed to be animated, interactive or generative, then please ensure this functionality is clearly demonstrated in your submission.
› Resolution for your final design should be 3040 by 3040 pixels.
› Images must be PNG or JPEG. Videos must be MPEG4 in a MOV or MP4 container and must be between 5 and 40 seconds long.
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