Poster Competition

The San Diego Latino Film Festival (SDLFF) invites *design professionals, artists, and students* from all over the world to produce a commemorative poster design that will represent the history and legacy of the SDLFF.
SDLFF was born out of a desire to take a stand against the status-quo of cinema, to challenge the reigning and ever-present stereotypes about the Latino experience in movies, and to give Latino filmmakers the power of telling and sharing their stories, first-hand, about what it means to be Latino.
We invite you and all other visionary designers to be a part of our history by submitting your project to consideration. The commemorative poster design shall celebrate our core values and our passion for the Latino culture.
Your design will receive national and international exposure, including but not limited to: the cover of the Official SDLFF 2020 Program book, print ads, TV commercials, social media posts, ads, and web banners.
Deadline   :  November 1st, 2019
There is no entry fee to participate!
 The competition is free to enter
Your poster design will be judged according to the following criteria:
  1. Clarity and originality of message
  2. Impact, memorability, and appeal to general audiences
  3. Unique, positive, and non-stereotypical representation of Latino Culture
  4. Design (type, color, composition, craft)
  5. Versatility for application on other media
Culture, movies, art, history, movement.
Inviting, warm, joyful, connection, celebration.
Modern, innovation.
Passion, identity, family, home, memories
San Diego – Baja California Region
Traditional, inclusive
Honoring Latino Filmmakers, movies & actors
  –  Computer graphics, as well as paintings, may be used to compose the design.
  –  Format: JPEG, 18″ wide x 24″high, 150 DPI (RGB), 4 MB
  –  If you make it past the preliminary round of entries, you’re also required to submit your artwork in Digital Format, 11” wide x17” high at 300 DPI (CMYK).
  – Top 10 finalists are required to submit artwork in vector format.
This is an international competition, open to designers of all professional levels.
Award :
Top Prize: $1,000.00 dollars and promotional exposure in ALL marketing festival related marketing materials
10 Finalists – 2 tickets to the 27th Anniversary San Diego Latino Film Festival & promotional exposure!
Official website:

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