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 Nationality :  Iran _ Tehran

Date of birth:  10/4/1966









My name is soudabe kazemi, i,m persian and living in Iran-Tehran .i graduated indusrial design engineering deciplin, in 1998 ,at art univercity of Tehran , so i worked for afew years ,in the vespa factory , then at last followed my faivorid idea , so was watercolor painting .therefor i learned this art so perfectinal ,with artisian mr,atashzad and mr, khoraminejad , one of the famous atists of watercolor painting in Iran .about 20 years a go .I had several gallery of my watercolor painting in Tehran .

Now i am teaching drawing and watercolor painting in my personal studio.

My page in instagram is @kazemiv_watercolorart , so you can followed me and you can see many of my paiting and my artwork.

Meanwhile, i am a writer and the nawelist .

I have 3 books had issued whit other writers .

My page story in instagram is @soudabekazemiveysari, as some of my story is there for study , if you are intrested .

So i am member of sociaty pen womankind of Iran.

With the thanking


Art activities


My activites:

1-represetaition of my paiting in the DARYABEIGI gallery in 2000 year.

2-represetaition my paiting in2001 year in the DARYABEIGI gallery.

3-represetaition of my paiting in the ATASHZAD gallery in 2004 years .

4-represetaition of my paiting in the ATASHZAD gallery in 2005 years .

5-represetaition of my paiting in the ARASBARAN gallery in 2017 years.

My books of had issued:

1-Expectant mothers

2-Hidden treasure

3-Words breeze


















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