Photo Contest 2020

 For this contest, we invite people to share their best images showing tea. From incognito and lifestyle shots taken at home to high-end studio photography; show how you capture your favourite teas in a creative and original way.
Requirements :
_ Only one entry per person.
_ Email your photo to with your name, IG (if you have), name and photo title.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the “ Tea Photo Contest  ” Award contest is free

Timeline :
ِDeadline: 30th June 2020
Winners notified by July 30th 2020.
Who can enter ?
Open to all photographers, worldwide.
Topic :
 people to share their best images showing tea
prize : 
_ Judges Choice Prize Amount : $ NZD840 that’s about $USD500 or $KRW608,000(approx)
_ Tea & Honey Section : NZ Manuka Honey  2 x UMF 10+ 250g jar from New Zealand Honey Co.$NZD 100 Visa Gift Card
_ ​Peoples Choice : (Judges will choose from Top5) . $NZD150 Visa Gift Card
_ Judges Choice : Judges 2nd Place : $250 Visa Gift Card
Copyright : 
You always maintain the rights to your photos. The sponsor(s) may make contact to ask permission to show your photos on their social media platforms.

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