The 9th Exhibition of the Works of Multi Generations of Contemporary Iranian Artists will be held in the Laleh Gallery with the participation of 2 artists and more than 5 works of art.

In recent years, the Laleh Art Gallery has taken steps to expand the contemporary art market with the aim of boosting the art economy and strengthening the artistic foundations of the city, and has held a regular, annual exhibition of the work of several generations of contemporary Iranian artists. This event seeks to provide artists with a special opportunity for middle-income citizens who are interested in collecting works by contemporary artists.

The “Ninth Exhibition of the Works of Multi-Generations of Contemporary Iranian Artists”, created in collaboration with five artists, presents more than 5 works of art with diverse approaches, at a glance one can review works by selected artists over eight decades.

The artists in this exhibition, with the aim of cultural development, have presented their precious works in a way that will motivate them to purchase exquisite works of art and, on the other hand, while enhancing the citizens’ visual taste for publicity. Contemporary art helps.

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