Aftermath Project

The Aftermath Project’s mission is to support photographic projects that tell the other half of the story of conflict — the story of what it takes for individuals to learn to live again, to rebuild destroyed lives and homes, to restore civil societies, to address the lingering wounds of war while struggling to create new avenues for peace.
 Grant proposals should reflect an understanding of this mission. Proposals may relate to the aftermath of numerous kinds of conflict, not just international wars. The conflict may have been at the community level — for example, violence between rural ethnic groups or an urban riot in an industrialized country. 
It may have been a regional one, such as a rebel insurgency, or it may have been a full-scale war. There is no specific time frame that defines “aftermath,” although in general The Aftermath Project seeks to support stories which are no longer being covered by the mainstream media, or which have been ignored by the media. 
1. A signed application form, saved as a PDF or jpg file.
2. A project proposal, not to exceed two pages. See FAQ for what your proposal should contain.
3. A portfolio of no more than 30 images, in jpg format. Please put caption information in the File Info section of each photo. You must label your images this way:
4. A caption sheet. (Descriptions for each photo, including date made, etc).
5. A short bio, not longer than two paragraphs.
6. Do NOT send anything else with your application.

here is no entry fee to participate!

Participation in the competition is completely free

For its 13th grant cycle, The Aftermath Project will award a $25,000 grant to one photographer and announce four finalists.
Who is eligible to apply for this grant?
 the grant is open to working photographers worldwide. The Aftermath Project is open to working photographers world-wide who are interested in creating work that helps illumine aftermath issues, and encourages greater public understanding and discussion of these issues.

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