The room becomes a city

A selection of the works of Nozal Ansari

COURIER: You’re quiet

Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory

In collaboration with Green Art Gallery

The exhibition, a collection of works by Nezogl Ansarnia in the Pejman Foundation’s space, is the largest of its kind to date and showcases the artist’s work over the past fifteen years from sculpture and layout to design and video. These separate projects illustrate different ways of understanding the role of architecture in drawing interior and exterior spaces and public and private spaces. Projects, rooted in Ansarnia’s interdisciplinary background in art and design, vary in method and materials used to provide a viewing angle that takes into account the aesthetic and theoretical implications of native architectural practices in built environments. Ansarnia’s works mainly cover an observational and technical spectrum, giving us insights into the issues that are ultimately essential to today’s cities and their populations.

Admission tickets to the Argo factory can be accessed through the Pejman Foundation’s website ( Tickets can also be purchased in person.

Art students are given a discount by presenting their student card.

To facilitate the login process, interested parties are requested to purchase tickets online (Chrome or Firefox browser).

Poster Design: Studio Workshop / Sam Kashmiri

Opening: Friday, January 10, 2020

Friday, April 10, 2020

12pm to 8 pm

No. 6, Alley of Health, Ferdowsi Street, Taqavi St, Ferdowsi Street, Tehran, Iran

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