About artist

Vajiheh Rajaeiyeh


 Nationality :  Iran _ Tehran

Date of birth : 1959/9/26




      I am Vajiheh Rajaeiyeh born in Isfahan at 1962
I started my work in interior design at 2006. I studied interior decoration for a year. Driven by my personal interest in arts and painting, I started painting in realism and soon after mixed media and since then I’m exercising a combination of calligraphy and abstract style inspired by nature.


Art activities


Education and Certificates


Certificate of Calligraphy  (Idea Private Visual Art School) 2012-2013

Certificate of Oil Paiting (Tehran Institute Of Technology) 2012

Certificate of Interior Design (College of Fine Arts – University Of Tehran) 2007

Certificate of Design and Implementation of Color Techniques(patina)

(Artesian Art Academy) 2005

Completion of High School in Economics  1982


Professional Experience

Self-Employed Painter  2013 up to now



Online Art Gallery                             2020

Qasr Museum                                    2019

Parsian Evin Hotel                             2019

Tehran Milad Tower Gallery                 2019

Marefat Cultural Center Gallery            2018

Saadabad Art Gallery                           2016

Ebn-e-Sina Art Gallery                          2015

Idea Gallery                                        2013







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