International Photojournalism Award

Athens Photo World 2019 with the donation of Stavros Niarchos Foundation, organizes the annual Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award for professional photojournalists.
Those wishing to participate should send a portfolio up to twenty-four (24) photographs, with captions or file infoand a supporting text/story (200-250 words) to the submissions link until Sunday, August 25, 2019.
Jury members will receive the submitted works, without any info regarding the entrants’ identity, directly from the webhosting company. All metadata will have been removed from the digital files.
Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award
Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award
There is no entry fee to participate!
The competition is free to enter
Deadline : 25 August 2019
Entry rules:
. Participants must be professional photographers.
. The photographic project to be submitted for evaluation must have been carried out between January 2016 and August 2019.
. The photographic project submitted for evaluation should to be classified as a ‘reportage’ or ‘documentary’.
. Files are to be sent at 72dpi and 2000pixels on the large side, with captions, written in English, in the file info field.
.. Participants must also send an accompanying text/story, not exceeding 250 words.
.The photographs must not have been subject to alterations or any kind of digital manipulation other than cropping and basic exposure, contrast and luminance correction.
. Submissions should be sent in a folder(.zip) with the photographer’s name and each file named with the photographer’s name and the file number e.g.
. The finalists selected for the last round of judging will be required to produce the RAW image files as delivered by the camera.
. The nominated winner will be required to produce the uploaded images with the original file size (unless cropped) in 300 dpi.
. The winner will be required to produce evidence (identity or documents) of professional engagement.
. Participants must guarantee that they are the authors and copyright owners of the submitted photos.
who may enter ? 
Participants must be professional photographers.
awards :
At its inaugural event, Athens Photo World will award a 15,000 € cash prize to a completed project of reportage or documentary photography, created within the last 3 years.
The awarded photographic project will be exhibited at the next Athens Photo World (2020) festival at an individual exhibition of the photographer.
From next year on (2020) the submissions open at the 31 st  of December and close at the 30 st  of April.
copyright : 
 The participants give to the organisers of Athens Photo World the right to use one of their photographs for the promotion of the competition (website, media and social media) both during the current event and in future ones.
 The photos submitted to the contest remain the intellectual property of their creators. Athens Photo World will take all applicable measures to ensure that the photographs submitted to the contest are not to be used for any purpose other than the purposes of promotion by the organisation itself and its affiliates.
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