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About Artist

Ms. ZAHRA BABAZADEH was born in Tehran on June 20, 1985. She is one of the active artists in the field of wooden handicrafts who graduated in the field of “Wood Arts” in 2006 from the university and joined the world of art professionally ever since.
She has designed & created specific perpetual artworks inspired by the nature & daily social issues during all these years.
Her activities include creating artworks in the branches of marquetry, wood carving, sculpture, wood burning, wood turning, gold & silver work and needlework who has combined wood arts with other types of art properly to achieve her goals.
She was the first person in Iran who combined the needlework with wooden designs and her first combined artwork is currently displayed in USA and her latest artwork which is a sculpture with the combination of wood & needlework called “JANIN” was displayed in FAJR Virtual Arts Exhibition as well.
Ms. ZAHRA BABAZADEH, is the member of the World Crafts Council (WCC) whose artworks, displayed in different exhibitions, have drawn attention of many artists & visitors remarkably. Moreover, several artworks of this artist have been sold in the countries such as USA, Ukraine, Italy & Turkey and one of her precious pens is supposed to be displayed in the Museum of Cultural Heritage Organization for ever.
Among her artworks, pens & fountain pens collections are so exquisite showing the beauty & creativity from different aspects.
Needless to say that she has been invited to various TV Shows due to her unique viewpoint & continuous participation in the art fields who’s been known as a qualified & active artist in art exhibitions & gatherings.


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